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Community Garden
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Worship Well

In the Hebrew scriptures, farming was understood as a sacred activity and part of the worship of the ancient Israelites. AEUFN helps communities of faith  incorporate faithful land

use practices into their congregational lives.

Agriculture as Worship

The Hebrew scriptures held that faithful land use was a part of the people's worship of God. Maintaining the fertility of the land not only ensured abundant crops for the people to eat, but also sustained their worship. They used their land responsibly in gratitude to God for the gift of good land. AEUFN helps foster a similar understanding in local congregations.

Faithful Land Use

As people of faith, we are called to care for all Creation - the planet, our neighbors, and all the flora and fauna that inhabit Earth. AEUFN works with faith communities in to turn unused land on their property into an urban farm (care of the earth). The harvest from each farm will be distributed, in part, to people in need (care of neighbor). 

Markets as Mission

Connecting to the surrounding community is a vital element of worship and mission. AEUFN helps congregations connect to and serve their communities through farmer's markets, gardening workshops, and food related events held on their campuses.

Weekend Market
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